The Juror, nominated by the Executive Board of the Finnish Association of Architects, is a public figure who is a recognised expert in an area other than architecture. The winner is selected from a shortlist of projects chosen by the Pre-Selection Jury.

Credit: Viivi Huuska

Paula Vesala

A true 21st century Renaissance woman, Paula Vesala ranks among the most talented artists practising in Finland today. Her musical output is characterised by its distinctive blend of artistic integrity and popular appeal, with many of her song releases topping radio and streaming charts. Vesala, her debut solo album, came out in 2016. Released to a rapturous reception, it went on to garner four Emma Awards, Finland’s highest musical accolade, cementing Vesala’s reputation as a unique and unclassifiable artist. Her debut was followed in 2020 by Etsimässä rauhaa, which contained further major hits, including Nyt on lähtö and Uusia unelmia.

Paula Vesala’s considerable talents have also been recognised with numerous other highly prestigious awards, including the Juha Vainio Award in 2016. In 2019, she became the first woman ever to be presented with the Reino Helismaa song lyric award. This was followed by the State Prize for Music later the same year. Vesala is also the only woman to have been nominated for an Emma music award and a Jussi film industry award. In spring 2020, Paula Vesala was presented with the Emma Live Performance of the Year award for her solo concert at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena.

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