Pre-selection jury

The the three members of the Pre-Selection Jury and its Chair are appointed by the Executive Board of the Finnish Association of Architects. The Pre-selecton Jury proposes 3-5 candidates, among which the Juror selects the winner of the Prize. The members of the Pre-Selection Jury are appointed for two terms.

Anne Stenros

Chairperson of the Pre-selection Jury

Dr Anne Stenros, architect SAFA, is a Creative Strategist on Design Leadership, Future Foresight and Smart Urbanization, acting and speaking around the world. Anne Stenros graduated as Master of Architecture from the Univ. of Oulu and the Univ. of California, Berkeley. She has the doctorate in technology in the field of architectural theory. She has acted as a Managing Director of Design Forum Finland between 1995–2004 and the Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre in 2005. In 2005–2015, she was the Design Director at KONE Corporation, a world leading elevator and escalator company. In 2016–2018 she was appointed as the first chief design officer CDO of the city of Helsinki. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of Creative Catalyst, a strategic design consultancy. She has been rewarded with the Top Chief Design Officer (2018) by WIDC and CIDA; the Gold Estlander Medal (2015) and the Gold Medal of the City of Helsinki (2013). She is a founding member of WIT Women in Tech Finland.

Juulia Mikkola

Juulia Mikkola (b. 1968), architect SAFA, is a partner at Livady Architects, who are known for their mission to revive traditional wood construction methods and their expertise in building historical surveys, repair construction design and personally executed restoration work. Their most noted projects include the restoration of Oiva Kallio’s Villa Oivala (2011–2017). Livady Architects are chief restoration designers in several strategically and culturally significant state-owned properties, such as Alikartano in Mäntsälä. The company was awarded the Finnish State Prize for Architecture in 2016. Juulia Mikkola is a member of Rakennusperintö-SAFA (SAFA Building Heritage) and the Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers. She has co-authored the extensive window renovation guide Ikkunakirja (2011) with her colleague Netta Böök. Juulia Mikkola has served as an expert consultant in compiling the Ministry of Environment guidelines for natural building ventilation (2017–2018) and is a well-known advocate of natural ventilation, solid structures and sustainable building.

Mikko Heikkinen

Mikko Heikkinen (1949–) is affiliated with Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikkinen-Komonen and served as Professor of Fundamentals and Theory of Architecture at Helsinki’s Aalto University from 2010 until 2015. Works by his practice include the Heureka science museum in Tikkurila, Finland, the Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C., the European Film School in Denmark, the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany and a residential neighbourhood in Lucerne, Switzerland. Heikkinen has also served as a visiting lecturer in the US, Germany and Denmark. He was a recipient of the Artist Professor in Architecture grant from 2003 until 2008 and was recognised with the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal in 2003, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001, the Finland award in 1996 and the Finnish State Prize for Planning and Construction in 1989.

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